Pennants for Fathers Day

We’ve been having lots of fun recently printing pennants for clubs, associations and just for fun. These have proved to be so popular as they are just that little bit different, great for a budget, there is flexibility in the minimum quantity (you can order one), but you’ll get discounts for ordering more. I think the reason for their popularity is that they look smart, are versatile and are so easy to customise.

The Submariners Association got some recently so they could present them as gifts to other clubs and guests at a recent event. We embroidered one for someone to place on a coffin at a military funeral. We’ve printed some for a laugh for an Ingress teams home turf players.

So pennants, whether embroidered or printed are great unique gift ideas for all occasions and offer something truly different. On Fathers Day on the 21st of June I’d say these are great for Dad’s and Grandad’s that you may struggle to get something for or just want something extra special and personal. We can print most crests for clubs, such as bowling, tennis and pipeband. Or what about Military insignias, medals or regiments. There is so much choice.

Give us a call today on 01324 719459 to have a chat about ideas and why not have a look at the catalogue to see what options you can choose from.

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A new thing that has popped up on the Firefox browser that has made us very excited, do you want to have a chat, ask a quick questions about something why not use the new hello feature to send us a chat window all you need is our email address, so send any chat requests to During our opening hours there is always someone near a Firefox browser so we are available to chat then. Also if you are using Google why not add us to a hangout for a chat, the address above will ping that open. If you use hangouts someone will be available to chat everyday between 9am and 6pm. So get a chatting and say hi.


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The JH100 Chunky hoodie from AWDis is 400gsm, compared to our JH001 College hoodie which is a nice 280gsm the Chunky hoodie super weight hoodie with great details. My favourite is the double lined waffle grey lining in the hood. These are now is stock and available to order. So while the weather is still on the chilly side why not upgrade your College hoodie for a Chunky one.

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