The Best Review EVER!!

An email came in to our inbox the other day and gave me the biggest glee! Now we’ve had good reviews before and people telling us we’ve done a good job, which is always wonderful but i think this really peaks the lot! We printed a hoodie for Lee-Anne Wilson of and this was the reply she sent us after receiving the hoodie in the post.

“Hey Nikki!
I’m taking a moment to be highly unprofessional………….SQUEEEAAAALLL!!!! I love you!! My hoody just arrived and I’m wearing it! I totally totally love it! Thank you a million times! I’ll be back for more, might even get kiddie sized ones for the kids to wear! (it’s all advertising eh?!)
Back to the professional… Thank you! Love the silver print, it looks great. Your service was second to none.
I’ll be in touch soon with another order!
Many, many thanks
Lee-Anne Wilson”
We have no problem with people being unprofessional if that is the amazing response we’ll get.
“SQUEEEAAAALLL!!!!” – Aceness!!
Be sure to check out her website for some previews of the fab work she does and you can also find her on facebook.