Bow Wow Hi Viz

It’s Wednesday afternoon, we’re half way through the week and everyone is posting pictures of cute animals to get through hump day so we’ve busted out the high fashion modeling crew for this one, ok so that’s not true, basically we’ve got dog hi-viz vests and I wanted one for Tess, nothing more cute than our resident pooch strutting her stuff in Pink Nik printed gear.

The thing I didn’t expect by getting the vest for Tess was the practical aspect of it. It was so much easier taking her for a walk last night, normally I lose her but this really helped keep her visible in the park where lighting was limited. The vest caught the street lights and when I used my torch on my mobile I found instantly because she lit up. So I’m aiming for super cute, which she nailed but the very practical nature of the vest worked so well with a black dog that likes to stroll through bushes in the park at night.

There are 6 colour available in 3 different sizes, I got Tess the large and there is still plenty room for a much bigger dog to fit this vest.

The other thing that is great about these is there is a decent space for printing. The large one that Tess is wearing had room for 2 prints at 23x15cm.

So enjoy your afternoon staring at the cuteness of Tess….. I am.

YK180 Hi-vis dogs vest

If you would like more information or want to order the vests give us a call on 01324 719459.