Cycling For A Win

Not many of you will know that there was a global event that happened on Saturday where 2 teams took to the streets in 13 cities around the world to see which side would win the day. The game they were playing was Ingress. Ingress is a geo-location game where 2 teams play against each other for ownership of landmarks and locations all around the world. Its a mix of treasure hunting and capture the flag, the key though is that you get out the house to play all you need is your phone and a data connection.

Edinburgh was one of many locations this weekend and my team was the Enlightened. We won by the way but that’s not the point here. The point is that while people took to the streets of the city on foot, there was also a team of guys that took to their bikes and they ended up looking very fetching in tops that we printed for them.

2015-11-14 (1) 2015-11-14

The tops looked amazing, if I do say so myself and the guys were the best models of the tops during the day and at the after party. I really enjoyed working with them to design the tops and had fun printing them up. I’m so grateful of the pictures they gave me to show their fine looking team.

If you have any teams that you are apart of please get in touch. We’d love to work with you to get custom tops made up. We’ve a great selection of tops to suit most sports but with specific sections for rugby, cycling, netball, football, horse riding, cricket, running, sailing, golf and many more.

Give us a call or have a look at our catalogue.

Also if you fancy finding out more about Ingress why not have a look at the Edinburgh Enlightened website.