Hey football fans, I mean American Football fans!! We have some great t-shirts and hoodies available straight off the shelf. Granted we can’t supply you with tops for the Panthers and Bronco’s match on Sunday but we do have some great teams available. GO BEARS! My husband already has his Bears t-shirt. The Patriots, Seahawks, Raiders and the Jets are available in t-shirt and hoodies.

As a running tradition for the last few years we’ll be closed on Monday as we’re staying up to watch Superbowl 50. You’ll still be able to get us on the phone and email but the shop will be closed.

If your team isn’t represented in the selection we have, why not get a custom jersey printed. American Apparel have a great athletic t-shirt that looks like a light weight football jersey, with a great combination of print and appliqué embroidery we can make you a jersey that has your name and number on it, again something my husband snapped up fast in the dark blue and orange of the Bears colours.

So who ever you are shouting for on Sunday night, you can still show support for your own team but with your own personal twist if desired.