Happy Birthday – We’re 10

We’re celebrating our 10th birthday this July. Huzzah! (There’s FREE cake!)

So here it is 10 years on from me (Nikki) deciding to set up a business in 2006. I’m so chuffed as we’ve come along way. It started off that I was going to make wedding dresses but that quickly turned around to me moving to my true passion which is embroidery and then we added t-shirt printing. Well not just t-shirt printing we have a massive catalogue of clothing we can customise as well as a great selection of gifts.

Below are some pictures of our first premises in the Newhouse Business Park in Grangemouth. I loved these premises, we tried doing kids parties and other daft events as we had so much room at the time. I got my two fish Mad Dog and Bucky as company when we were in Grangemouth as the building let in no sound it was very eerie. We still have Mad Dog in the shop fighting strong, he’ll be 10 later this year.

We moved to Bankside in Falkirk about a year later, then in 2010 we moved in to our shop in Polmont where we have been thriving for 6 years. Adam, our print assistant, is a familiar face to everyone that pops into the shop, has been with us for about 5 years, and everyone loves the welcome they get from Tess, despite her big bark there’s an extremely waggy tail attached to it and she’s been a delivery van warning system for about 8 years now.


I’d like to take the chance to thank everyone who has supported
us over the years, 
it’s truly awesome all the fantastic people and
businesses I’ve met and worked with over the years and I’m really
looking forward all the new people I’ll meet and work with in the future.

Polmont Shop Interior


Now you’ve made it down the page, here’s the good news. To celebrate our birthday for the whole of July if you pop in the shop to place an order, pick up an order or just to say hello we’re giving away cake!

So come on down and celebrate with us!