Personal Embroidery

Embroidery is a great thing to add to that special present. Nothing beats being able to customise a hoodie, a numnah, a bath robe, a rugby shirt, a football shirt, racing overalls and many more with a design, a monogram or custom text.

So how do you do it?
Easiest thing is to get in touch. We’re happy to chat through any ideas you may have no matter if it’s a full blown design you have or a small unsure idea that needs fleshed out, we’re happy to help. Have a look at the categories below that have some embroidery designs already to go and we can add text or tweak colours to suit your ideas.

Custom Designs
Want something extra special? We’ll make you a one off design. Similar to getting a logo done for business use. Email us your design, whether it’s a sketch or a computer file, jpegs are best but we can use most image files or a pdf.

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Stock Designs
We have stock designs that you can choose from, our database is huge so we’re trying to update this as quick and a best we can, but if you can’t see anything you are after then speak to us about it, we have a 1000+ designs on computer that can be used. Our stock designs mean there is no set-up fee for the design, just the cost of the design which is based on the final size and the design stitch count, which we’ll advise you on when we chatting through your requirements.
Colours can be changed and text can be added just let us know what you require.

The catagories are getting getting updated at the moment so if the button you press comes up with nothing please give us a call as we do have things available, with more on the way.


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