Pedal power

The use of pedal power is growing. Living in Edinburgh it’s always been something of a regular occurrence to see cyclists commuting to work, students on their way to class or people in general out on their bike going round the city. Edinburgh is a beautiful city for cycling. What’s impressing me now is how this is filtering through in to other towns outside the city. I noticed it recently while out in Falkirk doing some deliveries that the number of cyclists are increasing. It’s so understandable with the cost of fuel being as high as it is that people are looking at other ways to save money, get fit and help the environment.

The exciting thing is this appears to be a country wide boom. This year even saw Pink Nik Designs suppliers seeing growth in cycling as our catalogue now has a section dedicated to cycling with some really good quality brands included such as Craft, Spiro and Spalding all having cycling lines. Check out the info below and also have a look at our catalogue online to check out the full range. We also have sports mini brochures in shop that we can give you to have browse through, just pop into the shop in Polmont for a copy or give a shout and we can email or post you a copy.

Already this year we’ve had a folks coming in and ordering the cycle gear and getting it customised for various charity events. These items print up so well and we can also add embroidery to them to give a really nice professional finish to them.

Pedal Power