It’s Christmas, (well not just yet)


Not long to go folks, 2 weeks until Christmas eve. Have you got all your shopping done? If you are like me and are leaving it all until the last minute then do not fear we are here. We’re open until Wednesday 23rd December.  We’ll be saving this day for all last minute collections, but we’ll be able to pop in the odd order as well, so don’t fret.

Just in:
jute sack

If you are still looking for something last minute for folks we have jute Santa sacks available for customising. These can get custom messages and names on them. Limited availability on these so hurry while stocks last. £10 with a name on them. You order these over the phone, and they are nice and big so can get a few toys in there for folks.

Last orders:
For bulk orders, approx 50 plus items, anything ordered now will be supplied in January. Big orders, approx 10 or more items, will be Tuesday 15th. Any order below 10 items we still should be able to fit in but last orders will be Thursday or Friday, 17th/18th. One off orders keep them coming until Monday/Tuesday 21st/22nd and we should be able to make these up.

In the new year we’ll be getting work done in the shop so there will be a delay to our usual January opening for the shop only, we’ll be back on Tuesday 5th, but only taking calls and emails. If you need to place an order and want to see the stock, please give us a call and we can arrange to meet you. We’re hoping to have the work done early in that first week but we’ll keep you posted with news.

For now stay safe with all this crazy weather and I hope the Forth Bridge closure isn’t causing anyone to much of a headache.