Hoodies, Zoodies and Toodies

Ok so I know the first question that needs answered is “What the hell is a Toodie?”  Well I’ll get to that! Happy New Year folks, hope you all had fun! I did, almost 2 weeks off was the perfect answer to the end of a very busy year. Thank you to every one that ordered with us last year, we hope to see you again this year and to make new clients and friends over the next year. This year is extra special as it’ll be Pink Nik Designs 10th birthday! Huzzah! But more about that later.

My first day back and I’ve been doing the usual trawl through our supplier sites and seeing what the brands have as new items for this year and to be honest I got 2 pages in and got rather excited about all the new stuff from AWDis, shocker!! These guys do well year after year and I think they have rightly earned the good reputation they have as an industry leading brand.

So below is my top pick from there new for 2016, trust me though this is not a complete list, for AWDis or for our suppliers, with around 400 new products due to hit us this year I’m going to try to keep you posted, but if you want to get a head of the crowd go check out the New for 2016 section in our online catalogue.

Ok so let’s get on with this run down. Have a peek at the gallery below or click the links to see full specs in a new window or tab.

First thing that caught my eye was the JH009 Baseball Hoodie, I love raglan sleeves and have been a fan of baseball tops since I visited the States. This is a really nice development on the very popular JH003 varsity hoodies and now brings the colour contrast into full view with the contrasting sleeves and hood rather than the inside of the hood and the toggle cord. I can see this being popular with our sports teams as the contrast style option grows. I added in the JH033 Baseball Sweatshirt as I’ve re-discovered my love for sweatshirts in the last 6 months, so how could I not include this.

Next thing, let’s answer that question about the JH007 Toodie, well like the zoodie when you think about it, its quite self explanatory, basically its a long sleeve t-shirt with a hood. Great idea for training as it’s lightweight but still able to control temperature with the long sleeves and the hood, a handy addition to the hoodie range, and compliments the Just Cool range as well. It has the usual feature for AWDis with the hidden ear phone loops and with a slim-fit really does cement it in the training range.

The JC031 and JC036 1/2 zip range in the Just Cool range see’s last years popular sweatshirt style make a move into the tech fabric. Another perfect addition to the sports and team wear fitness line. These great tops would be excellent for cycling and running and numerous other sports. We saw a huge increase in demand for the sweatshirt style that I think these will follow in popularity. These have been styled to be close-fitting, with raglan sleeve styling for great freedom and movement, with a nice finish of contract binding on the hem and cuff and on the zip. Plus the thing that caught my eye the girl have a black and pink version. #WINNING

Finally, for now, AWDis have introduced the JH02B Baby Supsoft Hoodie, I think out of everything they have added to their range this is the one that AWDis have been needing for a while, it was always great to be able to use their hoodies from age 1 up to and adults 5XL, but now the novelty of being able to really kit out the whole team is complete. These hoodies have peach fuzz finishes on the inside so are so snuggly for your little ones, but in case you get jealous of the comfort your wee one is feeling they have them for adult as well, the JH002 Supsoft hoodie is available for you big kids and have great colour names like Sup Hot Pink and Supa Charcoal, ok so it’s the Supa Hot Pink that sold me, you gasp!

All these should be available by March, we’re getting the dates confirmed as we go along this week, so if you want an update, give us a call in the shop as usual on 01324 719459.

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