Shop update: Reopening policy and guidelines

Firstly, I really want to thank everyone that’s been in touch, been very understanding about orders that had been placed before lockdown and the patience and support from our customers and fellow businesses.

We are part of phase 2 for the Scottish Government’s easing plan. This is looking likely that as of the 18th of June we will be able to open again. Huzzah!

So as some of you that have been in touch will know, we are currently taking orders on a phase 2 opening basis. I’m so happy that we have a few orders already in, and I’m starting the process of getting everything ready for them to be able to get underway this week. I’m hoping that our first collections will be possible on the 18th of June and I’ll be in touch with folks to arrange this.

To reopen the shop I’ve set in some guidelines to make it safe for us in the shop and for folks visiting.

The main thing is that due to the small size of our shop, we will only allow access by appointment only. This goes for placing and collecting orders.

If possible, I’d like to have all orders placed via email, with any discussions done via Google Meet, Zoom or on the phone.

I’ve been working to have our website updated, so there is a new clothing catalogue that focuses on our core collection and I’m lauching a digital brochure that will cover our full collection. So you will be able to all the items we have available in the comfort of your own home or office.

If anyone has any questions, please call me.

To view our reopening policy and guidelines please click here